La ‘data posticipata’ nel declino delle fiere lipsiensi


  • Guido Alimena Independent researcher



There are many false indications of printing in the late eighteenth century German works. One of these falseness concerns the date stamped on some title pages, since they appeared during the year preceding the one printed. Certainly the ancient phenomenon of false chronological date also spread outside the German territories. But here more than elsewhere it has taken on very specific connotations, sometimes unclear, because of its connection with the book trade fairs in Leipzig. The present work try therefore to explain this anomaly by analyzing the specific area of the German publishing production linked to Leipzig fairs, towards the end of the eighteenth century. After all, there is falseness and falseness. The world of false indications of printing is a universe behind which stand out diverse purposes and diverse needs. So, understanding them requires absolutely investigations addressed to the time and place of their occurrence.